Robot 1 inspection

Robot Inspection

Robot-Inspection weighs over 2200 kg and is equipped with 82 wheels for moving the two axes and is over 7 meters wide. It is equipped with a retractable arm for inspection, consisting of a fixed and a movable part both in carbon fiber, which reaches about 17 meters in total length so that it can reach the center of the deck from the edge of the bridge. The external monitoring of the deck is carried out through this carbon fiber arm which is able to slide along the entire length of the bridge retracting in proximity to the Pylons; on it are installed high-resolution cameras and sensors for measuring the conditions of the surfaces: from the deterioration of the paints, to the elements of corrosion and the state of the welds. The cameras transmit images of the entire infrastructure in real time. Thanks to the computational models, checks will be carried out on the data collected by reporting findings and anomalies.

[Robot Inspection] - Video

Robot 2 wash

Robot Wash

Robot-Wash weighs about 2000kg and has 56 wheels to distribute the load on the deck edge; it is over 3.5 meters high, almost 8 meters long and is divided into two parts: one for cleaning and one for charging. Robot Wash removes dust and other debris from the photovoltaic system and the glass wind barriers that delimit the aisles, thus maintaining the efficiency and functionality of the infrastructure. A peculiarity of the robot is its sustainable use of the water resource. The water used for washing the structures comes from the rains and other condensation water collected on the infrastructure itself. The Robot-Wash is equipped with sensors that monitor both the transparency of the glass of the wind barriers and the amount of water present on the surfaces. These two parameters allow the robot to determine when to intervene to clean these surfaces. In case of water shortage due to dry periods and with low humidity levels, the Robot-Wash is equipped with a blowing device for the elimination of particulates which contributes to maintaining the efficiency of the infrastructure while waiting for the right amount of water. rainwater for a more complete wash. The two robots travel along the edge of the bridge via tracks and drive wheels for the entire length of the viaduct of approx. 1100 meters, regularly and depending on the weather conditions.

[Robot Wash] - Video

Robot 3 FMD Quatrilatero